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Over the past decade, Universiti Brunei Darussalam has been on an exciting progressive journey of change, from what is fundamentally a teaching university to a first class international university of excellence in teaching and research. Our vision is to be among the top 50 universities in Asia.

In education, our undergraduate degree program, Generation Next (GenNEXT) emphasizes broad-based learning, programmes that cross-disciplinary boundaries and real world experiential learning in the form of the Discovery Year. The curriculum ensures the students are exposed to essential life skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, communication, quantitative analysis and with both national and global perspectives. Embedded in all our modules are the three thrust areas of entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation; and Environmental Awareness. This is especially relevant in today’s job market, which values professionals with expertise in multiple disciplines. The role of our academic staff have extended from merely imparting knowledge to students to engaging our students in discussions on the subject matter and encouraging them to be more proactive and curious. Staff have become mentors to our students, advising them on selecting courses or even on long-term decisions such as choosing a career path fit for their skill set. They have also brought networking opportunities for our students to international experts or even potential employers by bringing in guests to their lectures to meet their students. Various pedagogy approach such as problem-based learning, team-based learning, project-based learning, work-based learning, and other flipped classroom approaches are implemented.

In research, UBD is fortunate to have the strong support of His Majesty’s government in providing funds and infrastructural support to advance research. This entails substantial increase in research funding and the development of infrastructural support as well as ample dedicated leave time for research and conferences. The research funding and research facilities at UBD have developed tremendously consequently, leading to a significant increase in graduate students and collaborators coming to UBD to undertake research. With the massive academic mobility including increased joint academic programmes, research collaborations and networks such as iCUBE and Borneo Studies Network (BSN), UBD’s active partnerships with institutions worldwide have contributed to the tremendous improvement in campus life, teaching and research output at the university.

As Brunei Darussalam’s Premier National University, UBD invites suitably qualified candidates to join us in shaping global future leaders and contribute as a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Research.

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