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Benefits at UBD

At UBD, we are committed to recognising the contribution of our staff through a wide range of exciting benefits and rewards. Find out more below:

Salary range for each role (Lecturer to Professor) per annum:

Position Salary BND Salary USD*
Education Officer 27,240 – 50,880 19,883 – 37,138
Lecturer (with PhD) 40,680 – 53,280 29,693 – 38,890
Assistant/Senior Assistant Professor' 49,560 – 76,920 36,175 – 56,145
Associate Professor 87,600 – 90,120 63,503 – 65,781
Professor 105,600 – 230,400 77,080 – 168,175

*Salary has been converted at the prevailing rate from August 2020

  • Bonus payment after each 12 months of satisfactory service
  • Gratuity payment of 25% of last drawn basic monthly salary x 36 months. Payable at the end of the contract
  • No personal income tax scheme in Brunei Darussalam on income earned


  • Research grant - seed funding upon arrival to UBD and submission of research proposal. Access to research grant via the Brunei Research Council. 45 days of research leave annually
  • Highly subsidised monthly housing rental of US$95
  • Educational allowance for up to 4 children between age 5 to 21 from US$90 up to US$590 monthly. The amount received depends on the choice of schools
  • Education allowance for up to 4 children between the age of 5 and 21
  • Holidays - 48 days of leave annually and travel passages at the beginning, middle and end of the contract
  • Academic allowance paid monthly ranging from US$150 – US$890 depending on level of positions
  • Economy air-tickets via a commercial airline by the most economical and direct route to Brunei Darussalam including spouse and up to 4 children (under 18 years old)
  • Cost of transporting personal effects by sea freight from the nearest port of residence to Brunei Darussalam for up to 1.2 cubic metres per adult and 0.6 cubic metres for child under 12 years old
  • Cost of excess accompanied baggage up to 20 Kg per adult and 10 kg per child under 12 year old
  • Access to interest free car loan up to US$11,100 payable within the length of contract

Academic support

  • Immediate access to research seed funding up to the amount of US$8,150 upon submission of a complete proposal
  • For long term research, academic staff have access to various funding sources from government and private sector and research leave up to 45 days per academic year
  • Conference leave up to 14 days and funding of US$2960 per academic year